Rebecca's Story

In 2003, at the age of 26, and working as the PR manager for one of the country’s leading fashion designers, Rebecca Wadey was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After five years of treatment that included a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, she became a mother and realised the only way to allay her ongoing health anxiety was to embrace a lifestyle of wellbeing.

“My mastectomy involved lymph node removal and reconstruction using a muscle from my back. I was told never to use my right arm again, and I happily agreed, only to suffer when I had my first baby and couldn’t lift him!

Yoga has been amazing at strengthening and balancing both my body and my mind. I have a renewed confidence in my body — and love for it — that I thought was lost forever.

“People talk about the ‘gift of cancer’, But the gift to me was the impetus to seek out ways to live a healthy and happy life and to impart that knowledge to my children and friends. And now, through The Centre, to the greater community. It is a gift; the realisation that eating good food and doing a regular yoga and meditation practice, taking time out for massage and other healing rituals, isn’t a treat. It’s an investment. Whether you want to recover from ill health, addiction, body confidence issues, anxiety, sleep disorders, low self-esteem or stress — it’s an investment you owe to yourself.”

At The Centre, above Little Bird Unbakery in Kingsland, Rebecca now offers Wellness Wednesdays with Look Good Feel Better, free yoga session and green smoothies to people undergoing treatment for cancer.